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What are some examples of survey questions to ask?
What are some examples of survey questions to ask?
Written by Cheryle Hadley
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For Any Business

  • How was your experience today?

  • How would you describe the speed of service you received?

  • (Pro level only) Would you like someone from <insert company name> to follow up with you?

For Restaurants

  • Did you:

    • A. eat at our restaurant

    • B. pick up your order

    • C. have your order delivered

  • What did you order?

  • Was the food cooked properly?

For Banks and Credit Unions

  • How was your experience with the teller?

  • Did you have any additional questions about your account with us?

  • Did you feel welcomed upon entering the bank?

  • Would you like to learn more about our additional services?

For Gyms, Yoga Studios, and Fitness Centers

  • Did your class start on time?

  • Was the equipment clean?

  • Would you refer a friend to our facility?

  • Was the cleanliness up to your standards?

  • Did you receive support from our staff on any of your needs?

For Coffee Shops

  • How long did it take to receive your coffee?

  • Did the coffee taste meet your expectations?

  • Did you get any food from our shop?

  • Was the shop clean?

For Breweries

  • How long did it take for you to receive your beer?

  • Was the cleanliness of the brewery up to your standards?

For Barbers and Hairdressers

  • Did the haircut meet your expectations?

  • Who was your barber?

  • Would you recommend your barber to friends and family?

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