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How to customize keyword-based responses
How to customize keyword-based responses
Written by Cheryle Hadley
Updated over a week ago

You must have admin privileges to customize SMS auto responses and only applies to Pro level accounts.

Step 1 - Go to the settings tab:

Step 2 - Click SMS Auto Responses

Step 3 - Click +Keyword Response

Add a new keyword-based response by clicking the +Keyword Response button. You’ll then be able to set up the new keyword-based answer.

First, provide an internal name (e.g., “Store Hours”).

Add the response message (e.g., “Thanks! We are open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm”).

Now for the truly creative part. Could you add keywords that match to prompt the response? A single keyword can return the intended response or a pair. Generally, teams of keywords will produce more accurate results. For example, “hours,” as a single keyword, could result in an inaccurate automatic response if the customer had texted, “We love to come here at all hours of the day.” If instead you use a keyword pairing like "what", "store", and "hours”, you’re more likely to produce a relevant automatic response (e.g., “What are your store hours?”). Be sure to press space or enter after each word when creating a multiple keyword combination:

The possibilities are endless with keyword auto-responses, and inaccuracies are possible, but when the customer receives a relevant response instantly, they will surely be pleased and impressed. After you’ve created a keyword-based auto-response, you can edit it at any time and improve its accuracy.

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